Monday, 2019/05/06 - Tuesday, 2019/05/07

Abbildung von Bern, im Hintergrund die wunderschönen Alpen

© Universität Bern, Bild: Annika Bremhorst

Are you a master student, PhD or early PostDoc?

Did you recognize the importance of working interdisciplinary together and want to learn, how?

Do you think: sustainable food production is an important challenge of our time?


This workshop is designed together with the team of Swiss TD-Net for learning and actively training interdisciplinary (ITD) and transdisciplinary (TD) methods.
Applicants from disciplines that are familiar with challenges and finding solutions in food production systems (e.g. land scarcity, growing soil degradation, food safety, overexploitation of natural resources and higher ethical demands) or are interested in learning about it are eligible to apply.
Discipline examples are biology, ecology, law, architecture, geography, medicine, veterinary medicine, zootechnics, conservation, economy, social sciences, politics, ethics, animal science. This workshop aims to enforce the participants ITD/TD understanding of real-world problems and to teach valuable methods to pursue ITD/TD projects.

Workshop objectives
1. Learn interdisciplinary methods hands on!
2. Jointly frame goals, problems and research questions for interdisciplinary projects!
3. Learn and exchange about sustainable food production!

Enjoy good discussions, exchange with different disciplines, hands-on methods learning trained by experienced professionals, and a good stay in the lovely city and Swiss capital Berne!
Lunch will be provided and up to 150CHF for travel costs and accommodation. Please register below.

Event organizer: Annika Bremhorst, Ranya Oezcelik, Filipe Sousa, Charlotte Warembourg, Mickaël Cargnel, Jakob Winter. For any questions please contact Ranya Oezcelik, / 0041 31 631 5741
Speaker: Tobias Buser, Theres Paulsen, td-net network for transdisciplinary research, swiss academia of arts and sciences,
Date: 2019/05/06 - 2019/05/07
Time: 08:45 - 17:00
Locality: 002, 1. Stock
Anatomy Building, Vetsuisse Faculty
Länggassstrasse 120
3012 Bern
Registration: No further application is possible
Characteristics: open to the public
free of charge

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