Current research

• Evaluation of the scientific validity of animal experiments in Switzerland. More info

I started my studies at the University of Neuchâtel where I obtained my Bachelor degree in Biology in 2009. The same year, I started my master in molecular life sciences at the University of Bern. For my master Thesis I worked at the Institute of infectious diseases at the University hospital in Bern. The Project aim was to investigate the effect of maternal Vitamin C deficiency during pregnancy on the brain development of offspring of Guinea Pigs.
After obtaining my master degree, I started a one year traineeship at the Federal Veterinary Office where I took part in the project e-Tierversuche.
I have recently started a PhD at the Division of Animal Welfare aimed at evaluating the scientific validity of animal experiments in Switzerland.

Recent publications

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1. Tveden-Nyborg P., Vogt L., Schjoldager J.G., Jeannet N., Hasselholt S., Paidi M.D., Christen S., Lykkerfeldt J.- Maternal Vitamin C Deficiency during Pregnancy Persistently Impairs Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Offspring of Guinea Pigs. PLoS ONE 7(10), 2012 Abstract