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Abteilung Tierschutz


Research Centre for Proper Housing: Poultry and Rabbits (ZTHZ)

  • A study on the development of locomotion and flight in chicken to improve the freedom of movement in aviary systems for laying hens (FVO). Read more
  • Illumination in poultry houses: spectral sensitivity of laying hens (FVO). Read more
  • Influence of improved nest-site recognition and nest size on the laying behaviour of hens (FVO). Read more
  • The impact of the position and quality of perches and edges of tiers in an aviary system on keel-bone injuries of laying hens of two breeds differently selected on bone strength (FVO). Read more
  • Arrangement of perches and feed troughs in aviaries for laying hens and housing systems for broiler breeders (FVO). Read more
  • Evaluation of quality of floor types and foot pad lesions in group housed rabbit does kept in pens (FVO). Read more
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