Day 1: 12. June 2024

8.30-9.00 Registration 
9.00-9.15 Dr. Ivana Jaric Welcome address and symposium intro 
9.15-9.30 Prof. Dr. Hanno Würbel Embracing diversity in animal research – SABV is a matter of inclusion and good research practice
9.30-10.15 Prof. Dr. Paola Palanza How many letters in animal research? The role of the 4th S for Sex 
10.15-10.45 Coffee break and posters viewing      
10.45-11.30 Prof. Dr. Cheryl McCormick Challenges investigating sex-specificity and sex differences in behaviour in developmental studies
11.30-12.15 Prof. em. Dr. Günter Vollmer Role of life stage and metabolism on sex specific outcomes in experimental animal studies
12.15-13.15 Lunch       
13.15-13.50 Mikail Nidaa, MD Sex Differences in the Brain-Heart Axis in the Setting of Acute Mental Stress 
13.50-14.25 Dr. Marija Glisic  Conceptual Framework for Sex and Gender Disaggregated Research in the Field of Predominantly Male Conditions: Spinal Cord Injury as a Case in Point
14.25-15.10 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leena Strauss Sex Steroid Biosynthesis – Deciphering Mouse and Human Pathways
15.10-15.40 Coffee break and posters viewing      
15.40-16.25 Prof. Dr. Charlotte Cornil Role of neuroestrogens on social behavior  
16.25-17.10 Prof. Dr.Chrstina Dalla Sex differences in models of depression and anxiety: GPER1 as a new psychopharmacological target
17.10-17.25 short talk short talk selected from submitted abstracts   

 Day 2: 13. June 2024

9.00-9.45 Prof. Dr. Thorsten Buch  Inclusion of Both Sexes in a Single Animal Experiment: Best Practice Guidance for Statistical Design and Analysis
9.45-10.25  Dr. Laura Castro  Integrating Sex as a Biological Variable in Neuroscience: In vitro aspects
10.25-10.55 Coffee break and posters viewing      
10.55-11.40 Prof. Dr. Natalie Rasgon Neuronal insulin signaling associated with sex-specific phenotype in mood disorders
11.40-12.25 Prof. Dr. Ivan Nalvarte Sex hormones and sex differences in Alzheimer’s disease
12.25-13.25 Lunch       
13.25-14.10 Dr. Jodi Pawluski, PhD, HDR Beyond SABV: The importance of reproductive experience on the adult brain
14.10-14.55 MSc Zoé Bürger  Feeling stressed? Stress response differs in women using intra-uterine or oral hormonal contraception and naturally cycling women
14.55-15.40 Prof. Dr. Natalie Tronson TBA (General topic of the talk: A mouse model of oral contraceptive exposure - Depression,
motivation, and the stress response)
15.40-16.10 Coffee break and posters viewing      
16.10-16.50 Dr. Ivana Jaric  The importance of environmental and hormonal factors in implementing the SABV in rodent research
16.50-17.00  Dr. Paolo Cinelli  Presentation of Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association (SGV) 
17.00-17.30 short talks  two short talks selected from submitted abstracts 

 Day 3: 14. June 2024

9.00-9.40 Dr. Ivana Jaric   Estrous cycle as a crucial indicator of female health outcomes and tips on how to assess it
9.40-10.10 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leena Strauss Estrous cycle determination by deep learning-based method on Aiforia® platform
10.10-10.40 Coffee break and posters viewing      
10.40-11.40 Strauss, McCormick  Dalla,Pawluski, Tronson, Rasgon, Jaric  

Round table discussion with participants: Folowing topics:  1) mouse vs rat estrous cycle (pratical consideration); 2) puberty determination and timing; 3) timed pregnancies in rodents;  4) The importance of hormonal status as an experimental variable both in rodents and humans.

11.40-12.00 Dr. Bernhard Voelkl Statistical accommodations for the inclusion of sex
12.00-12.10  Dr. Jaric Ivana  Closing remarks 
12.10-13.30 Lunch (only for the participants  of the workshops)      

Workshop 1: Estrous cycle   Dr. Ivana Jaric (13.30-17.30h)

Workshop 2: Statistical analysis    Dr. Bernhard Voelkl  (13.30-17h)

Limited to 20 participants 

Limited to 30 participants 

The  workshop will provide hands-on training in a minimally invasive method for determining estrous cycles, combining vaginal lavage and tunnel handling of mice. It will also include training in slide processing, encompassing various cytological stainings, and  image analysis of estrous cycle stages.

The workshop will offer practical training on power calculation and statistical analysis, specifically focusing on experimental designs that include both sexes and incorporate the estrous cycle stage.                                                                               

REQUIREMENTS: The workshop assumes that you are familar with R and the RStudio IDE.
IMPORTANT: Please bring your own laptop with R installed.