Graduate Students

The Walks & Talks provides a retreat for PhD students and early postdocs to give presentations related to their research followed by walks in the countryside. The event is specifically geared to encourage discussion of ideas, problems, and potential solutions in an informal environment, with the support of experienced group leaders and an internationally renowned invited scientist. The Walks & Talks are held annually during the spring term with the location changing each year. They are open to all students of applied ethology and animal welfare (PhD or postdoc) from institutions within Switzerland.

The symposium is a bi-annual event that is organized by PhD students of applied ethology. Following two introductory keynote lectures, students have the opportunity to give brief presentations of problems, questions or findings related to their own research. Presentations are interspersed by plenary discussions with the keynote speakers. The symposium is aimed towards MSc students, PhD students and young postdocs and is held in English.

Journal/Book Clubs are organised regularly to discuss relevant topics and new research.
Statistics Seminars are held periodically to cover both theoretical and practical statistical questions.