Spring Semester 2021

 Date Topic
04.03.21 Do we know how chickens feel? Assessing health and welfare in laying hens and broilers Sabine Gebhardt Vetsuisse Faculty/Animal Welfare Division
18.03.21 Inferential statistics as descriptive statistics
Valentin Amrhein University of Basel
08.04.21 Mid-term evaluation: Social behaviour of laying hens in the context of commercial large group housing Klara Grethen Vetsuisse Faculty/Animal Welfare Division
22.04.21 The effects of the standard rearing environment on phenotype of C57BL/6J mice: a multi-laboratory study Ivana Jaric Vetsuisse Faculty/Animal Welfare Division
29.04.21 Can light cues be used for encouraging earlier and increased use of ramps in the early life of laying hens?
Alex Johny
Vetsuisse Faculty/Animal Welfare Division
20.05.21 (CANCELLED) Characterizing environmental effects on the brain with MRI: potential for Animal Welfare Science Jason Yee University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna
The importance of the prenatal and early postnatal environment for the behavioural and physiological development of chicken Vivian Goerlich-Jansson Utrecht University