Dr. Michael J. Toscano

Group Leader of ZTHZ

+41 31 631 57 51
Postal Address
Center for Proper Housing: Poultry and Rabbits (ZTHZ)
Animal Welfare Division
Veterinary Public Health Institute
University of Bern
Burgerweg 22
3052 Zollikofen

Current research

• Quantifying forces involved in keel damage using tri-axial accelerometers
• Use of omega-3 fatty acids to improve bone health in laying hens
• Optimizing laying hen feeder design, positioning and bird density to maximize welfare. More Info.

I obtained my Ph.D. from Purdue University in the United States in 2006 where I sought to develop a multidiscipline means to assess hunger in swine. From there I continued to the University of Bristol in the UK where I investigated disease states within swine and poultry and their relationship to physiological and behavioral phenotypes. Most recently, my research focuses on bone fractures in laying hens, a topic I began at the University of Bristol and continue at my current post as Group Leader (Senior Scientist) of the Research Center for Proper Housing: Poultry and Rabbits (ZTHZ). In general, my research is of an applied nature and seeks to bring the benefits of analysis and understanding gained in the laboratory to on-farm settings in order for improvements in animal welfare to be made in an objective manner.

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