Veterinary Public Health Institute, Animal Welfare Division

Seminar: Applied Ethology and Animal Welfare

Current Research

ENRICHMENT: Ethological evaluation of minimal requirements for the housing of mice as lab animals and pets


I am a passionate behavioural biologist and scientific illustrator. Since I always had great interest in rodents, I decided to research social bonding in female Norway rats at the ethological station of the university of Bern for my B.Sc. During my M.Sc. thesis I then looked at cooperative behaviour in female Norway rats and conducted research on enforced cooperation. During these studies I learnt a lot about conducting meaningful and valid research, but also about the importance of data and knowledge visualisation. Therefore, I decided to study scientific illustration at the school for design and art in Lucerne before returning to the university of Bern. Back in Bern I began my Ph.D. studies under Prof. Dr. Hanno Würbel, researching the effect of different cage enrichment types and items on health, welfare and behaviour in laboratory and pet mice. 


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