Seminar: Applied Ethology and Animal Welfare

Our bi-weekly seminar provides opportunities for students and postdocs of our group as well as for external students of applied ethology and animal welfare to present and discuss their latest research ideas and findings. The seminar also includes topical presentations by PhD students, and about every other month we host an invited guest speaker from around the world. Everybody interested in applied ethology and animal welfare research is welcome to attend.

  • Time: Thursdays at 16:15
  • Location: Hörsaal Anatomie (HA), Länggassstrasse 120, 1 Floor
    • For further information on these seminar series or to be included in the mailing, please contact Michael Toscano.


 Date Topic
23.09.21 Causes of inter- and intra-individual variation in behavior and potential welfare applications Matthew Petelle Vetsuisse Faculty/Animal Welfare Division
07.10.21 Characterising the multivariate relationships between food, glucose dynamics, physical activity and heart rate on a personalized basis using wearable devices
Nicholas Philips EPFL – Naef Lab, Laboratory of Computational and Systems Biology
21.10.21 Lost in Translation: Poor Predictive Validity of Behavioural Tests of Anxiety Marianna Rosso Vetsuisse Faculty/Animal Welfare Division
04.11.21 Adult neurogenesis, enriched environments and the neurobiology of individuality Gerd Kempermann Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen (DZNE)
18.11.21 Using network analysis to investigate the influence of individual decisions on long and short term social dynamics in house mice Julian Evans Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Zurich
Developing artificial stimuli to encourage ramps use in the early life of laying hens Alex Johny Vetsuisse Faculty/Animal Welfare Division
17.12.21 (9:00 Online)
PhD Defense - Piling behaviour of laying hens on Swiss and British layer flocks Jakob Winter Vetsuisse Faculty/Animal Welfare Division