Seminar: Applied Ethology and Animal Welfare

Our bi-weekly seminar provides opportunities for students and postdocs of our group as well as for external students of applied ethology and animal welfare to present and discuss their latest research ideas and findings. The seminar also includes topical presentations by PhD students, and about every other month we host an invited guest speaker from around the world. Everybody interested in applied ethology and animal welfare research is welcome to attend.

  • Time: Thursdays at 16:15
  • Location: Hörsaal Anatomie (HA), Länggassstrasse 120, 1 Floor
    • For further information on these seminar series or to be included in the mailing, please contact Michelle Gygax.


 Date Topic
24.02.22 How do horses express their stress: the effect of coping styles on subtle behavioral indicators Anne-Laure Maigrot
Agroscope Avenches
11.03.22 (Friday) Mid-term Evaluation - Horses and slowfeeders: what consequences on horses’ health and behaviour?
Marie Roig-Pons
Agroscope Avenches
24.03.22 Examination of the relation between husbandry procedures to animal welfare and experimental outcomes with particular emphasis on refinement
Janja Novak Vetsuisse Faculty/Animal Welfare Division
31.03.22 Conventional laboratory housing increases morbidity and mortality in research rodents: results of a meta-analysis Jess Cait University of Guelph
14.04.22 Effects of individual hatching system factors on multitasking ability and stress responsivity in laying hen
Kathy Broekmeulen
Vetsuisse Faculty/Animal Welfare Division
28.04.22 Housing of mice: neglected factor in the sex as a biological variable (SABV) initiative
Ivana Jaric Vetsuisse Faculty/Animal Welfare Division
12.05.22 (NEW TIME: 15:15)
 Mid-Term Evaluation: Consistent inter- and intra- individual differences in movements of laying hens in a commercial aviary – relevance for animal welfare Camille Montalcini Vetsuisse Faculty/Animal Welfare Division
19.05.22 Individual variation in movement and its association with fearfulness and exploration Laura Candelotto Vetsuisse Faculty/Animal Welfare Division
08.06.22 (NEW DATE: Wednesday) What role should publics play in the regulation of animal experimentation? Michael Brunt University of British Columbia